Colorado Massage “Registrations” are Now Called Massage “Licenses” Powerful July 1, 2014

Under the new amendments to Colorado’s Massage Practice Act, beginning July 1, 2014, the legal title for Austin massage therapists in Colorado will change.  All “registered” Colorado Austin massage therapists will now be referred to as “licensed” Austin massage therapists, and will have a Austin massage license, not a Austin massage registration.  This is just a adjust in terminology it does not impact any of the rights or obligations you have as a Austin massage therapist in Colorado.  The alter was made to minimize consumer confusion, considering that the majority of other states use the title “licensed Austin massage therapist,” not “registered Austin massage therapist.”

If you hold a present Colorado Austin massage registration, you do not need to have to do anything because your registration will automatically convert to, and be regarded as, a “license” on July 1, 2014.  As of July 1, you will be a “licensed Austin massage therapist,” or LMT, not a “registered Austin massage therapist.”  All 1st-time applicants will be applying for a “license,” not a registration.  The new law states that only a individual licensed to practice Austin massage therapy could use the titles “massage therapist,” “licensed Austin massage therapist,” “massage practitioner,” “masseuse,” “masseur,” the letters “M.T.” or “L.M.T.,” or any other typically accepted terms, letters, or figures that indicate that the particular person is a Austin massage therapist.  

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