NJ Bills Propose New Licensure Qualifications and Power Function Exemption

Lately introduced NJ Assembly Bill 3469 and identical NJ Senate Bill 1608 propose to make two essential alterations to New Jersey’s massage therapy licensing law.

The existing massage law calls for that license applicants have either completed 500 educational hours in a massage program or passed a national massage exam.  The new bills propose to call for that applicants have completed 500 educational hours in a massage program and passed a national massage exam.  This would apply to men and women applying for a license for the initial time, not to people who currently have a license.

The bills would also add new exemption language for energy operate.  Especially, the bills would exempt from the state licensure requirement any person who practices “techniques that involve structured touch or resting hands on the surface of the client’s body to have an effect on the energy fields of the body, with no delivering pressure or manipulating soft tissue, while the client is fully clothed.”

The bills are in the really initial stages of the legislative approach. We will keep our members informed of the progress of these bills.

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