Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Hot Stone Massage Therapy has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing therapeutic massages available. For hundreds of years, hot stone massage has been used by many different cultures and modern-day therapists apply the same techniques for a wonderfully relaxing massage designed to work on muscle tension at the deepest level.

During the hot stone massage therapy treatment, smooth, basaltic (volcanic) rocks that have been heated in water are used in two ways; some stones are wrapped in towels and placed on specific energy centers  known as chakras, along the body to align and re-balance the body’s natural energy flow, whilst other stones are used by the therapist to perform the body massage.

The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue allowing the muscles to relax 4-5 times quicker than in a standard body massage, easing muscle tension and revitalizing the muscle tissue by increasing blood circulation.

The deep relaxation and increased blood flow to the areas being worked not only accelerates any healing processes but also creates a state of deep mental relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Defined

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a clinical massage treatment that incorporates the use of smooth basalt stones, (used for their ability to retain heat), of many shapes and sizes, that are heated. The therapist warms up the muscles with traditional Swedish massage then uses the stones by placing them in various locations on the patients’ body, as well as, applying oil and using the warmed stones to actually massage. Using hot stones allows the therapist to reach deeper layers of tissue. As the stones cool, the therapist replaces it with another warm stone. The heated stones may be placed in specific places on the body including, points along the spine, in the palms of the hand or even between the toes.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy is beneficial on both physical and psychological levels and may include the following:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Stress reduction
  • Release of toxins
  • Pain reduction
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Calmness of the mind
  • Reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Reduction of insomnia
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased lymphatic drainage (toxin removal)
  • Improved blood flow to tissues
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Produces a deep relaxation

What symptoms are affected by Hot Stone Therapy?

Muscle pain caused by tense muscles, stiff joints or injuries may be relieved because the hot stones allow the massage therapist to penetrate deeper into the muscle.

  • Mental benefits may be received as a result of the total relaxation that occurs through Hot Stone Therapy. The heated stones are placed strategically along pressure points to help melt away tension creating a calming that helps stress, anxiety and other life annoyances disappear long enough for the mind to relax, at the deepest level.
  • Arthritis discomfort may be reduced as the heat penetrates deep into the muscles relaxing them. Some restriction apply.
  • A sense of wellness can occur as the warm stones relax the body and the mind is calmed. It is in this relaxed state that the body becomes re-energized.

What happens during a hot stone massage therapy treatment?

You will be asked to remove your clothing (except underpants) behind a privacy screen and make yourself comfortable on the massage couch, with a large towel to cover your body.  During the massage, only the part of your body being massaged will be exposed, to ensure your modesty. At different times during the massage the stones will be wrapped in a towel and placed on certain parts of the body and other stones used to perform the massage over the skin. A plant-based massage oil will be applied to the skin to allow free movement of the stones and to nourish the skin.

A full body massage usually treats the back, legs, abdomen, arms, chest and neck, although this can be adapted to suit your individual requirements or preferences.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Caution

  • It is important to let the massage therapist know if the heat from the stones is too intense or the pressure is too strong, so adjustments may be made.
  • Certain conditions are not safe to receive Hot Stone Therapy. Please call for more information.

Who can enjoy hot stone massage therapy?

As with all hands-on holistic therapies, hot stone massage may not be suitable for everyone and certain medical conditions may prevent the use of this treatment, or may require your GP’s consent.  In particular, anyone suffering from heat sensitivity and pregnant clients should avoid this treatment. A full consultation will be carried out before your first treatment which enables us to ensure that hot stone massage is right for you.  Please feel free to call or email us if you would like to check your suitability before the treatment.