Tension Headache Massage

Tension Headache MassageThe tension headache massage technique described below is unbelievably effective. I use it often because my work involves staring at a computer almost all the day and the strain put on my eyes often transforms in unpleasant headaches. It involves massaging several biologically active points on the head and has been described by the alternative medicine teacher Norbekov. He recommends it in case of tiredness and lassitude. Maybe you have already wondered why we always put our arms on the eyes or on the temples if we find it difficult to see the right way, or at the end of a tough day?

It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage can be an effective therapy for those who suffer from tension headaches.

Tension Headache Massage Effectiveness

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke describes a tension headache massage as follows:

“…previously called muscle contraction headache, [it] is the most common type of headache. Its name indicates the role of stress and mental or emotional conflict in triggering the pain and contracting muscles in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw. Tension-type headaches may also be caused by jaw clenching, intense work, missed meals, depression, anxiety, or too little sleep. Sleep apnea may also cause tension-type headaches, especially in the morning. The pain is usually mild to moderate and feels as if constant pressure is being applied to the front of the face or to the head or neck. It also may feel as if a belt is being tightened around the head. Most often the pain is felt on both sides of the head. People who suffer tension-type headaches may also feel overly sensitive to light and sound but there is no pre-headache aura as with migraine. Typically, tension-type headaches usually disappear once the period of stress or related cause has ended.”

According to the Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology: “By far the most common type of [tension-type]  headache people experience (90-92%), these are triggered by muscular tension, bony misalignment, postural patterns, eyestrain, temporomandibular joint disorders, myofascial pain syndrome, ligament irritation, or other musculosketetal imbalances. Tension-type headaches may also be described as episodic (happening fewer than 15 times per month) or chronic (happening more than 15 times per month).”2  Also stated in the reference: “For the most common tension-type headaches, massage is resoundingly indicated. These episodes are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how many seemingly disconnected postural and movement patterns can create pain in an entirely different area of the body.”2

Tension Headache Massage: Research has shown that in respect to tension headaches massage can:

  • reduce depression and/or anxiety
  • decrease perceived pain
  • decrease anger status
  • decrease tension
  • reduce frequency
  • reduce intensity
  • reduce duration
  • decrease medication usage
  • increase range of cervical motion

Tension Headache Massage Technique

  • The headache massage can be done separately for each single point
  • Fix up your posture and smile. Creating a good mood is extremely important while massaging the points.
  • Warm up your palms – with a sense of love – one against the other

The first point is located between the eyes

how to relieve stress
Massage this point by both of your forefingers creating circular movements clockwise (10 times) and back-clockwise (10 times). Create a pleasant feeling at this place

Next points are located just next to the nose. They are a bit painful.
how to relieve stressMassage those points simultaneously by both of your forefingers (10 times each side). Smiling during the massage is crucial.
Next point is located between the mouth and the chin

how to relieve stressAgain by both your forefingers massage this point (10 times clockwise and 10 times back-clockwise). Create a pleasant feeling at this place. Do not forget to smile
Next points are located at the temples
how to relieve stressMassage this point by both your forefingers and both your middle fingers simultaneously on both sides. Create the most pleasant feeling and the best mood ever.
Next points are located just in front of the ears. To find them out open your mouth and place your forefingers at the hollows next to your ears.
how to relieve stressClose your mouth and massage those points by your forefingers clockwise (10 times) and back-clockwise (10 times).
Next points are located at the back side of the head. There are two hollows just where the cranium begins
how to relieve stressBy both your forefingers and middle fingers massage those points clockwise (10 times) and back-clockwise (10 times). Create good mood and smile.
The last point is located in the middle of the back side of the head exactly where the cranium begins.
how to relieve stressMassage this point by your right forefinger clockwise (10 times) and by your left forefinger back-clockwise (10 times). Do not forget about your smile, posture and mood…