Skeletal Manipulation

Skeletal manipulation re-aligns the various components of the skeleton. Many pains, even in apparently disassociated regions of the body, are referred from slight deviations in the spine’s functional norm.  Any damage or pressure upon the nerves as they exit the protection of the spine can cause the sensation of pain in the area of the body that they supply, rather than at the point of injury.

Correcting these misalignment’s is simple & safe (providing you go to someone suitably qualified & with experience) but the longer you leave it before treatment is started, the more difficult it becomes. If the condition is left for years it is possible that complications may set in that stops a cure for that injury, but the secondary problems caused by the wrong posture can still be treated so reducing the pain involved

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Indications for Skeletal Manipulation:

  • Loss of motion or function
  • Feel localized tenderness or pain with specific motions
  • Obvious skeletal abnormalities
  • Can help with: low back pain, whiplash or neck pain, headaches, numbness or tingling in extremities.

Contraindications for Skeletal Manipulation:

  • Pregnancy or threat of miscarriage (only with direct techniques-most invasive form)
  • Contraindications depend on the type of techniques that are going to be used for you.   Make sure to consult with your doctor before starting treatment.
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