A Minor Legislative Change is Adopted in Indiana

<p>Two bills, Senate Bill 348 and House Bill 1293, failed to pass the state legislature this year. The bills would have changed the current state certification (title protection) program, to a mandatory licensing (practice act) program. The bill would have also expanded the authority of the State Board of Massage Therapy by authorizing it to establish standards for the competent practice of massage therapy, approve massage therapy school curricula consistent with accepted national standards, and establish continuing education requirements. We expect a new bill to be introduced next year. </p>
<p><a href=”/downloads/SB0421-07-ENRS.pdf” target=”_blank”>Senate Bill 421</a> was signed into law by Governor Pence on March 25, 2014. The bill addresses several professional licensing matters, including one related to massage therapy (found on page 18 of SB 421). The bill removes the requirement that state certified massage therapists list the “State of Indiana” as an additional insured on their professional liability insurance. </p>
<p>Effective July 1,2014, Indiana CMT’s will still have to provide proof that they currently possess professional liability insurance but you will no longer have to list the “State of Indiana” as an additional insured.</p>

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