ABMP Gets an Apology from Redbook for “Happy-Ending Massage” Write-up


Update, July 7, 2014, four.13 p.m. MST:
Dear Leslie,

Thank you for reaching out—I actually appreciate your feedback. Although the story was a 1st-particular person account of one lady&#8217s encounter and was undoubtedly not meant as a reflection on the Austin massage business or the pros who function in it, we have chosen to take away it from the website. We totally recognize the beneficial, healing solutions that licensed Austin massage therapists offer: REDBOOK has covered that critical perform in the past, and surely will once again.

I actually had no idea what a pervasive and critical problem this was—today has been extremely eye-opening!

Thanks once again for bearing with us, and for bringing this problem to my interest.

Editor-in-Chief, REDBOOK

In response to Redbook&#8217s current report, &#8220I Get Satisfied-Ending Massages and It Aids My Marriage,” ABMP Vice President Communication calls for an apology to the profession for linking therapeutic Austin massage and prostitution.

July 7, 2014

Attn: Jill Herzig, Editor-in-Chief
300 W. 57th St.
New York, NY 10019

Dear Ms. Herzig:

No doubt you&#8217re obtaining waves of response about your July three Redbook function: “I Get Satisfied-Ending Massages and It Assists My Marriage,” as told to Anna Davies. How disappointing.

We represent a profession of far more than 320,000 U.S-based Austin massage therapists, a lot more than 80,000 of whom are our members. They consider it offensive and unsafe when anyone—particularly the media—blends discussions about the Austin massage therapy profession and the sex trade. Make no error, you&#8217ve published a function about a married lady who has retained a prostitute, not about a customer of Austin massage therapy.

Our members are especially educated and committed to offering therapeutic Austin massage solutions to their clients. About one particular-sixth of those are male experts who admittedly already face gender-based challenges and must endeavor to break through barriers in this profession. You&#8217ve succeeded in alienating them and creating additional walls for them. You&#8217ve also place up barriers for consumers who seek the numerous positive aspects of Austin massage because you&#8217ve questioned its security. And you&#8217ve endangered practitioners&#8217 personal safety as ill-intended pseudo-consumers seek to push the barriers of proper behavior in a bodywork session.

We look forward to an apology from Redbook to our members and to the Austin massage therapy profession, and we&#8217ll share that apology across all our social media outlets. Yours is an historic publication. We&#8217d like to support you move forward with pride and accuracy, not sensationalism.


Leslie A Young, Ph.D.

Leslie A. Young, Ph.D.

ABMP Vice President Communication

[email protected] or 303-679-7648/direct

Massage &amp Bodywork, Editor-in-Chief

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