Oregon Bill to Regulate Facilities Signed Into Law

Governor Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 387 into law on June 13, 2013. Beginning January 1, 2014, “massage facilities,” meaning any “facility where a person engages in the practice of massage,” will be required to obtain a massage facility permit from the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists in order to operate. This requirement will not apply to massage schools, or massage facilities that are owned or operated by licensed massage therapists, or other health professionals listed here.

Only facilities owned or operated by people who are not licensed massage therapists (or other licensed health professionals) will be required to obtain a facility permit.

The next Oregon Board of Massage Therapists Rules Committee meeting is scheduled for June 24, 2013 and we expect the committee to begin discussing rule development for the implementation of SB 387 at that time.

In addition, the Board has adopted new rules that go into effect on July 1, 2013. ABMP strongly encourages members to review the new rules.

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